An Introduction to Female Hygiene

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Published on 21.10.2022
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A quick overview of the subjects covered in this booklet is as follows:

  • The signs of a female coming to age in Islām
  • How does a person become ritually pure from uncleanliness?
  • What are the requirements in Islām with regards to personal hygiene, i.e. hair removal, cutting nails etc.?
  • Address issues which young teenagers face during puberty
  • Address issues for people who wish to pray in schools or the workplace
  • Answer common questions relating to female hygiene on Ḥayḍ (menstruation), Nifās (postnatal bleeding) and Istiḥāḍa (bleeding due to illness)

It is recommended that both children and parents read this booklet together. There are still subjects today, which are considered taboo. Many parents still feel embarrassed talking about certain subjects with their children. There is an expectation that the child has acquired this knowledge during his/her time at Madrasah, but in reality it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child knows all the relevant Masāil (rulings) before he/she comes of age. The child must be comfortable enough to be able to ask their parents any questions they may have and the parent must be comfortable enough to answer them without being embarrassed and more importantly know the correct answers themselves.

If this booklet is being taught in a workshop or Madrasah to younger females then it may not be necessary to go through all of the chapters and questions i.e. related to Nifās. Place emphasis on those chapters which are relevant to them and explain in a clear and simple manner.

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