Puberty in the light of Qur'ān & Sunnah

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Published on 14.06.2022
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Islam - a complete way of life

Islam is an all-encompassing religion, covering all intricate aspects of daily life. From cradle to the grave, extending to the matters of the afterlife, there is no situation in life which hasn’t been governed and ordained by the commands of Allah ﷻ. As Allah ﷻ mentions:

‘This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed my favour upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.’ (5:3)

  When should this presentation be delivered?

This presentation should ideally be delivered to children in year 7, preferably towards the end of the academic year. 

  How to deliver the presentation

The presentation should be pitched as an open discussion in a friendly atmosphere. It is important, however, that such a tone is set that doesn’t detract from the importance of the subject matter. Students can fill in the worksheet whilst going through the presentation. Alternatively, the worksheet can be set as homework. The presentation should be delivered in one session, leaving questions till the end. Usually, an hour is needed to conduct the presentation, although this depends on the number of questions.

  Printable A5 hand-out

Currently, I am in process of producing a small A5 pamphlet which will accompany this presentation. It can be printed, and handed out, serving as an important reminder. This pamphlet will match the presentation and will cover necessary points. Make sure to follow to get a notification of the release.


  • The information contained within this powerpoint has been checked and approved by Mufti Hanif Yusuf Patel, editor of
  • The language that has been used is clear and unambiguous, in order to facilitate understanding. In some cases, specific words have been used to describe areas of the private part that required to be explicitly mentioned.
  • The presentation is based on the Hanafī school of thought, and therefore the speaker will need to be able to point out the differences for other schools of thought, if need be.
  • Please be aware that the file may take longer than usual to download as it contains a lot of graphics.
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