Qā'idah & Qur'ān daily/weekly reflection

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Published on 18.10.2022
resource description

A worksheet to encourage students to reflect on their Qā'idah sabak or Qur'ān recitation, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and write down steps to improving.

This worksheet can be given either daily or weekly. PDF print-versions are included along with editable Microsoft Word files.

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Resource docx
Qā'idah:Qur'ān - Daily reflection.docx
Resource docx
Qā'idah:Qur'ān - weekly reflection.docx
Resource pdf
Qā'idah:Qur'ān - Daily reflection [Print-ready].pdf
Resource pdf
Qaidah:Qur'ān- weekly reflection [print-ready].pdf
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