Tips for memorising the holy Qur'an

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Published on 13.06.2022
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For thousands across the UK, this year will mark the completion of memorising the Qur’an from cover-to-cover; a feat which is nothing short of a miracle and a manifestation of utmost devotion and sincerity. For others, however, it will symbolise the very beginning of a long and arduous journey, as many from all spectrums of life start to memorise the Qur’an. As of now, no official survey has been conducted, however it is estimated that the number of huffaz across the world far exceed into the hundreds of millions; this number is also steadily increasing.

Memorising the Qur’an is understandably an arduous task. There are approximately 77,449 words in the Qur’an; this equates to approximately 6326 verses. Along with just memorising these words, the hafiz is required to memorise the diacritical marks which serve to indicate different pronunciations of a letter. A mistake in a diacritical mark can sometimes change the meaning of the whole verse. Furthermore, there are many verses which are similar in terms of content and wording; the young hafiz has to be able to differentiate between these verses. For the vast majority, this is all accomplished without understanding a single word in Arabic nor being able to speak it. This should be of no surprise to the believer, as Allah (s.w.a) himself has stated in the Qur’an:

‘And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?’ 

During my period of teaching, I’ve noticed that a lot of young children who have embarked on memorising the Qur’an tend not to realise the magnitude of the task they have set out to do, nor do they know of what the task demands and how to successfully achieve it. This is a common problem faced by a vast majority of huffaz, perhaps more-so for students living away from home. This pamphlet has been made to help tackle this problem by giving a young hafiz/hafizah a brief, colourful insight and introduction into the purpose behind memorising the Qur’an, the vast amount of reward promised in return, and how to successfully memorise the Qur’an. The poster illustrates a few concepts for children to keep in mind when embarking on memorising the holy Qur’an. The language and rhetoric used in the poster is both engaging and fun, perfect for those of a young age. Colourful images and clear, bold fonts have been used to engage the young reader.

Print instructions.

I have included a PDF print-ready version of the pamphlet. Ideally, the pamphlet should be printed double-sided on plain A4 card, and thereafter, folded in half to make a leaflet. Just to note, make sure to print 2 pages on one A4-side, this can be enabled in the printer settings. It is best if the poster is given to the child before starting hifz. If an A3 single-paged poster is required for class-room purposes, depending on the demand, I can edit and produce one, insha’Allah. This resource is free to use in classrooms and for personal use. If you do intend on using this resource, please do not edit without prior permission. If there are any errors, or any improvements that can be made, please let me know. I would also like to know how this resource is being used, so please do leave a comment.

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